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auth: {
  strategies: {
    google: {
      clientId: '...'

Anywhere in your application logic:


Additional arguments can be passed through to Google as the params key of the second argument:

this.$auth.loginWith('google', { params: { prompt: 'select_account' } })

💁 This provider is based on oauth2 scheme and supports all scheme options.

Obtaining clientId

This option is REQUIRED. To obtain one, create your app in Google API Console, Create a new project and from Credentials tab, create a new "Oauth Client ID". Go to APIs and services then to Oauth consent screen, after that fill form with your app details. Sections two - scopes - for most users email and profile will be enough. Press save and countinue. Go To Credentials click create credentials -> OAuth client ID and select web app. You will receive clientID and secret key. copy the clientId to your nuxt config file. You will need to handel to auth with a server side like Django, Node, Go ect. after that you config will look like that

google: {
        clientId: '<you client id>',
        codeChallengeMethod: '',
        responseType: 'code',
        endpoints: {
          token: 'http://localhost:8000/user/google/', // your backend url to resolve your auth with google and give you the token back
          userInfo: 'http://localhost:8000/auth/user/' // your endpoint to get the user info after you received the token

If you are looking for an example you can look Nuxt And Django With Google

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